Dance classes

Do you love dancing but you lack a partner ? No problem for us. We are preparing various dance classes, with plenty of single partners to choose from. Great fun for all who love to dance or want to learn it. The perfect way for pleasant conversations while dancing and to get to know others more closely.


Cooking classes

Learn to cook something new with us. Under the supervision of a professional cook and with the help of others it will be very simple and fun do. Cook and eat various new dishes together.  Beside that you will have a lot of fun, you can easily get to know others and maybe also fall in love. As the saying proves: love goes through the stomach. So bon appetite ! 


Great themed party nights

Do you love to attend parties with lots of people, good music, with a live band and relaxed ambience ? Than this is just the perfect event for you. Once a month we will prepare a special themed party. During the speed dating part you will have time to talk to many people, and later you can dance with those you like and have fun. In just one night you may meet lots of interesting single people and enjoy a great party. 


For moms, dads and their kids

Do you have kids and you wish to involve them too ? We are preparing activities, where you can meet new people and have fun with your and their kids at the same time. You may share personal experience, advice, complain a bit and laugh too.  Similar stories will connect you all and some of you for a very long time.


Yoga workshops

Yoga is a journey and for some people perhaps their destiny. Yoga connects people by special energy and spirituality and we connect people's lives. Great combination to know yourself and others better. It is all possible during our workshops, where you can learn a lot new about yoga and meditation techniques, you can share your experience and find new soul mates.